We wish we could begin more stories like this: “we met this client on a ranch in Reno Nevada.”

While filming for another client, we met Jeff, one of the owners of Lake Tahoe Distilling and we immediately hit it oof. He’s a man of many talents, including making some incredibly fine whiskey. Besides liking Jeff as a person and the taste of his product, we could also tell his brand–while young–was incredibly fun. The concept behind Lake Tahoe Distilling is that each of their offerings are inspired by a sense of place, the land, and the adventure one experiences in those places. They want the flavor to reflect the places they come from. We knew pretty quickly we wanted to work with them.

After we flew back to Greenville, SC, Jeff shipped us a few products to shoot; the challenge was to create a campaign for a product so deeply rooted in the natural settings of the west coast in a studio on the east coast. Thankfully, our team paid a visit to Lake Tahoe while we were in Nevada, so we brought our memories (and photos) of the land back with us to help recreate scenes of the actual place the Whiskey was meant to reflect.