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Our team has had the pleasure of working with international fitness brand 9Round in various degrees for many years. In 2018, we were tasked with creating their 2018-2019 capital campaign assets.

This would be our largest scale project with them to date, including concepting and building shots to create highly-produced, fast-paced, succinct vignettes that communicated their values, aesthetic, mission, and experience in quick snapshots.

9Round’s mission statement is “Stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally.” Typically, when a brand trusts us to partner with them to communicate their mission to the world, we think it’s important to experience what they’re doing full-on. So yeah… that meant doing a workout (and eventually to full-out joining a 9Round gym. The workout and the atmosphere in a 9Round is absolutely incredible. I’m not just gushing when I say it’s like nothing else. The 9Round workout is intense, fun, and fast-paced. When you walk into a gym, you have the impossible experience of both feeling like you’re part of a community, and feeling like you’re the only person in the world for that 30 minutes.

We wanted to model this experience visually, which meant creating shots at each station focusing on the individual. The goal was to ensure the models were well lit, so as not to seem too dark, intimidating, or uninviting, but to still eliminate the world around them, so that it feels like they are in the zone: with the world and it’s worries fading away. We then continued to “zoom out” adding in other 9Rounders or trainers, so as to show the full experience of a gym.

The final product was a large library of photo and video for use across social media platforms as well as print, large format, and digital advertising, which show how 9Round is physically and mentally empowering.

Using the assets we created for social media content and ads, 9Round’s social media team ran a four-month campaign, and in that time saw 4,261 incremental new members and a 600% ROI.