Since 2018, we’ve had the pleasure to work with 9Round to create the yearly campaign for their international franchise.

We work with their team to concept and building shots to create highly-produced, fast-paced, succinct vignettes that communicated their values, mission, and the experience of a 9Round gym in quick snapshots, updating the aesthetics each year to follow the evolution of the brand and their standards.

9Round’s mission statement is “Stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally.” When a brand trusts us to partner with them to communicate their mission to the world, we think it’s important to experience what they’re doing full-on. The workout and the atmosphere in a 9Round is absolutely incredible: intense, fun, and fast-paced. When you walk into a gym, you have the impossible experience of feeling like you are both part of a community and simultaneously the only person in the world for that 30 minutes.

We wanted to model this experience visually, which meant creating a mixture of images that both isolate them, eliminate the environment around them to illustrate the focus and empowerment as well as true environment images that include other members and trainers, so as to show the full experience of a gym.

The final product is a large library images for use across social media platforms, print, large format, and digital advertising, which show how 9Round is physically and mentally empowering.

in 2019, using the assets we created for social media content and ads, 9Round’s social media team ran a four-month campaign, and in that time saw 4,261 incremental new members and a 600% ROI. We continue to collaborate with their team to create these assets every year.