and Empowering

We believe in the power of stories when told through images. We are dreamers and thinkers; we imagine and we strategize. We find energy in learning something new and purpose in packaging that knowledge in an engaging and unexpected creative approach to share it with others in a way that connects with—and sparks—something inside them.

We work with brands to understand their core message and create concepts that connect, empower, and elevate others.

But we don’t stop at the concepts. We believe in relationships. We don’t just create and write content and to pass down the assembly line. Our clients are our collaborators, and we are as precious with our collaborators as we are of the ideas we deliver.

That’s why, at Electric Soul, we have a bench of both producers and directors. So when we’re crafting the perfect idea for your brand, we ensure that the right director for the job is in the room and part of the creative vision from the beginning.

Equal Parts Jazz
and Punk Rock

Creatively, we are rule-breakers, innovators, resistors of norms and challengers of the status quo. We don’t approach a project with a set of rules, but the with punk-rock energy that thrives off trying something new and maybe even breaking a few things along the way to bring a project to life that unites people and inspires them to sing along with the message at the top of their lungs.

But we’re also equal parts jazz; we spend hours mastering the technique of our craft. We aren’t deterred, thrown-off, or worried by changes or challenges; we embrace the unexpected as a chance to riff, improvise, and harmonize to create something new. We create melodic experiences that run smooth and create a cohesive piece.

Secret Weapon
is Our People

The greatest and most highly-valued asset at Electric Soul are the individuals that make up our team. We are a creative-first agency. This means we begin by honing the perfect vision for each project and then partnering the perfect director/ producer team to see the project through from start to finish.

But our team is not just high-level crew; each director and producer on our team are multi-disciplinary experts with a unique set of skills and insight. We have directors who are editors or writers, producers who are photo-retouchers or set designers. We gravitate towards people with equal parts expertise, flexibility and an extra dose of character and humility, creating a team that is efficient without pressuring the creative process.