Preserve Communities has a truly amazing portfolio of living communities. From the mountains of North Carolina, to the beaches of Virginia, to the desert in Nevada, each one features carefully planned residential spaces nestled into the natural beauty of preserved land. We have set out on the adventure of creating a lifestyle portfolio of photo and video for each one: some, as a refresh of photo and video, and others to create a visual asset library for the first time.

One of the new communities whose brands we were able to help build from the onset was Bay Creek. Set in Cape Charles, VA, this beautiful coastal community is designed around families of any size, age, or stage in life. We partnered with the incredible team at Preserve Communities to create a story of multi-generational families enjoying a day in the community, showing off the variety of amenities–from the nature preserve and beach, to restaurants and multiple golf courses–all while keeping the focus on the people.

We love these shoots because they combine careful planning and pre-production (hiring actors, staging locations and scenes), with the exciting challenge of being out on the land and finding additional magic in the moment.