The James Fisher Memorial Foundation is particularly unique in that it gives to so many great and diverse causes, with the commonality being less about the types of charitable causes, and more about how the money is raised–through one of James’ greatest passions: horses. The Foundation raises money and awareness for charities through a number of equestrian events.

We combined actual audio we had captured at JFMF events in the past a with new visuals to take viewers “behind-the-scenes” and into the mind of an equestrian in a more cerebral, but still elegant style. The result–we think–is something truly unique and bold that could only come from having such amazing, creative, and trusting partners as we do in the James Fisher Memorial Foundation team.

National Addy Award for Cinematography, D3 Addy Award for Cinematography, Judge’s Choice Addy Award, Gold Addy Award for Cinematography, Gold Addy Award for Video, AVA Award for Cinematography, AVA Award for Video, Hermes Award for Cinematography, Hermes Award for Video, Telly Award for Internet Commercial