From California to Virginia, we have partnered with Preserve Communities to create stories for their unique communities around the United States. When we had the opportunity to create a campaign for the relaunch of one of their original communities in the mountains of North Carolina, we were excited to have a new challenge. While we’d crafting stories for their new communities, we were excited to get to return with them to an established brand and rethink the narrative and visuals behind Little Pine.

The creative concept was to immerse viewers in the experience of Little Pine: from showing the detail and texture of the natural surroundings through photos, to the sights and sounds of luxury mountain living through video. The complete experience is both rugged and relaxed; upscale and wild.

With a a great creative concept, great crew–including a casting director who was able to find some incredible talent–and a confident and collaborative client, we were able to create a full campaign that we’re proud of.