MakerMeans is a curated marketplace community for discerning people in the maker and crafting space who want a more intimate and personal touch to sourcing their materials and planning their projects. Our friends at MakerMeans reached out to us prior to their launch to collaborate in creating the visual assets for their brand.

We had the opportunity to create photography for their initial product line as well as concept and create a full campaign for their launch. We spent a lot of time with their team discovering more about their target audience: learning about the importance of community, kindness, and giving. We learned how people craft both as therapy, and as a way to share joy with others. So we created a campaign that tapped into the holistic experience for some of MakerMeans’ primary customers, with a mother coming home and using her ‘me’ time to create something that would brighten a firends’ day… and using her MakerMeans kit to do it.