We’ve worked with our friends at Methodical for years now, creating brew guides and how-to videos to help them engage their customers and further establish their position as leaders in the coffee space. When one of our directors approached them about a larger collaboration, they were incredibly open and inviting.

We collaborated with their team to tell and shape their story: from their beginnings, to the intricate design details behind their aesthetic, to the delicate craft of roasting coffee and creating signature drinks.

One of our favorite types of projects to create are brand films. While we love the challenge of engaging and telling a story with only a few seconds in commercials, we also love the opportunity to let a story breathe, to infuse the film with style. The unique challenge with brand films is to create something that balances information with entertainment, to create a piece that offers value beyond advertising and engages the brain with story, holding viewers for the long runtime, giving them a reason to stay around and see where the story goes.

We worked with an absolutely amazing team to bring this project to life, and were not short on beautiful footage. As a result, this project exists in two forms, both the brand film and a longer documentary.


Addy Award for Long-Form Advertising, Addy Award for Video Editing, AVA Award