JDavis sought us out to partner with them in telling their brand story. On our initial call with their team, we quickly realized we had a lot in common and a lot to admire about their company. We identified with their origins: one man from a rural town in South Carolina whose business has grown to serve large-scale clients across the US. We also echo relate to their values: a people-first company that seeks to equip, empower, and provide for their team members. To top it off, they were eager for  a creative story and video structure outside the typical corporate video.

It quickly became clear, this was the perfect partnership.

For a week, we gained full access to the JDavis crew: their offices, their job sites, (and even in one case) their homes. We took the founder, Joel, back to the original site of the first barn he built decades ago. We travelled to large-scale construction sites at universities and parks, to fire stations and manufacturers. We were able to capture the intimate details alongside the massive projects.

The resulting brand film is uniquely the story of JDavis; but it’s also the admirable, aspirational narrative of the American Spirit, the bootstraps way of building something important, something beyond just “the job,” of a culture that exists to see individuals thrive. We were thankful to get to be a part of telling it.

Silver Addy Award for Cinematography. Silver Addy Award for Editing, Telly Award