We collaborated with Preserve Communities to create a sweeping but cohesive library of photo and video content to service a two-year social media plan.

We had previously worked with Preserve Communities to create an ad campaign and social media content for one of their communities: French Broad Crossing. Within a year of launching the French Broad campaign, they sold every lot to capacity. We were immediately tasked with crafting similar strategies for three of their other communities across the US.

To create compelling and convincing content that needed to have a long shelf life (2 years) we knew we would have to essentially cast a community rather than a few actors. We created five families spanning different sizes, races, and generations, to create a wholistic–rather than secluded–community.

Client: Preserve Communities
Producers: Emmy Gaddy, Jennifer Buntin, Jennifer Sandford
Lead Photographer: Carter Tippins
Stills Team: Taylor Cash, Alyssa Fanning
Director: Micah Taylor
Motion Team: Marc Pagliuca, Oscar Reyes
Casting/ HMAU: Latia Curtis