Also… residential film expert and analog enthusiast, backyard fort builder, and pop-punk fan (still).

Co-founder of Electric Soul and an established commercial and fine art photographer, Carter exudes an off-the-charts, contagious enthusiasm that brings a new level of excitement to every project. Paired with his expertise and belief in doing things intentionally (even if it means doing them the hard way rather than taking short-cuts), his personal goal is to elevate any project he works on.


Carter has led photography projects for national brands Home Depot, Le Creuset, and Michellin and shot for countless others, including Napa Auto Parts, McCallister’s Deli, Ryobi, Southern Tide, Diageo, and Milliken.


Carter thinks the film Drive is “good.” This reaction highlights the deeper problem that Carter often fast-forwards through large chunks of a movie rather than enjoying them the way they were meant to be viewed; a practice the motion team finds disturbing.

Carter Tippins - Commercial Photographer
Carter Tippins - Commercial Photographer
Electric Soul - Lifestlye Photography and Commercial Video Production
Carter Tippins - Commercial Photographer