Also… outdoor adventurer, film photographer, Spielberg fangirl, and resident gum lady.

Emmy is detail-oriented, process-minded, organized, and endlessly patient; the perfect producer. She can not only herd the cats that are the other departments, but can do so in a way that frees us up and fosters creativity rather than stifles it. Just don’t bring LaCroix to set, Emmy fancies herself a carbonated water aficionado that will settle for nothing less than Topo Chico.


Though she’s the youngest member on the team, Emmy brings experience beyond her years, having already served as producer on feature films. In 2019 she made the move from CA to SC to work with Electric Soul (and we couldn’t be more happy that she did).


She rightly sees Drive as the multi-layered and finely crafted masterpiece it is, though her eye for detail does ruin her enjoyment of some scenes due to continuity errors.